First Blog Entry!







Here it is! My first blog entry on my brand new website. SO exciting! I look forward to using this journaling space to share my updates and promotions, thoughts about current floral trends for weddings, inspiration, and everything in between.

As always, I will continue to share updates via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – so please, “follow me” there, too!

For those who wish to know: I am a 20-something gal from Missouri, USA. I started my handcrafted business on Etsy in 2008, while at the same time pursuing my college degree in graphic design. The Honeycomb is now my full-time creative enterprise, and I am very thankful for my wonderful customers who are so kind in their praise and help with spreading the word, as well as to my friends and professionals in the industry who have given me such encouragement and support along the way.

Today, floral accessory design is my passion. I live, breathe, and dream about flowers, lace, and feminine finery. My mind never sleeps, as I’m continually seeking out inspiration for the next designs. I look forward to sharing my newest creations in 2015!